AI-Powered Content Distribution for Publishers
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TrueAnthem is a technology company that specializes in empowering publishers to spread their most profitable and shareable content with unprecedented insight and results. The experience is spearheaded via a comprehensive cloud-based dashboard where publishers can oversee everything, and manipulate anything.

How it Works
A world-class platform, for world-class publishers
TrueAnthem’s world-class publishing technology is built to enable publishers and media companies to spread their most influential content throughout their social media presences.

Publishers place a special tag within their website, then TrueAnthem’s technology assesses the content and automatically distributes the most engaging and highest performing items to a publishers’ connected social media accounts. From there, awareness spreads organically and both new and existing users are drawn back to the publisher’s website.
Who it’s For
Publishers and media companies
The platform is built for small and large publishers alike. A B2B-focused platform for media companies that produce volumes of news articles, videos etc. Their ideal customer is looking for ways to maximize ROI and minimize time spent manually combing through data in the hopes of accurately determining what content drives the most traffic and conversions.
How I Helped
Collaborating from Detroit, Michigan
Since 2013 I’ve helped TrueAnthem with countless UX, UI, and IxD, all from right here in Metro Detroit. Below, I’ve outlined just a fraction the projects I’ve worked on over the years—focusing specifically on the Dashboard, a feature called Content Discovery, and a new initiative underway called Paid Amplification.

Now, on to the good stuff!
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