Quikly Web App.
Working closely with the Quikly team, I was hired to implement a strong visual look for their rewards-based consumer platform.
Quikly is a platform that rewards fast-acting consumers with discounts and more to their favorite stores. The dashboard (shown above) displays active and upcoming Quikly’s. My role: implement a visual hierarchy and tactile styling that immediately informs the viewer of what actions they can take. Card metaphor, color theory, and typography were designed.
Gameplay & Profile
Quikly rewards consumers based on how fast they act. I designed a variety of screens and interactions that support the onboarding and gameplay process. To visually unify the entire experience, a consistent and hierarchical implementation of the content was created. Input fields, profile Interactions, simple data visualizations, and more were designed.
Up Next
LeglRefer is a comprehensive resource designed specifically for attorneys to track, send and receive referrals. Herein is the design.
Freelance Visual Designer